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Ravines Executive Staff

Patti Jabaay, Executive Director of The Ravines
Patti Jabaay is the Executive Director of The Ravines since it began in January, 2009.  She has also been on the staff of Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana for 12 years and serves on the Executive Board of U Turn Church Ministries, Inc.  She and her husband, Jim, have been married for 33 years and live in St. John, Indiana.  They have two married sons, a daughter, and three grandchildren.

Tammy Lautenbach, Assistant Director of The Ravines

Tammy Lautenbach is the Assistant Director of The Ravines since August, 2013.  She has also been on the staff of Faith Church in Dyer, Indiana for 8 years.  She and her husband, Lars, have been married for 24 years and live in St. John, Indiana.  They have two children, a daughter and a son.


Ravines Counselor Staff

The Ravines currently has 2 Counselors on contract to do Christ-centered Couples Counseling Intensives.  In the process of selecting these counselors, we spent countless hours of interviewing to strive to find what we felt was the best fit for the Ravines ministry.


Our main criteria were:


1. We looked and listened to the heart of each counselor.  We wanted to know that they loved the Lord, believed in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and agreed to the Core Values, Statement of Faith, Theoretical Basis for Counseling, and Position Statements.


2. The counselors believed that marriage was ordained by God, and they would be willing to do whatever they could to bring hope and restoration back into a marriage.  While we recognize that divorce happens, our hope was that we would do everything we could to save the marriage, trusting in the Grace of God to bring this about.


Once our counselors were selected, they were trained in Intensive counseling by the Director of Quiet Waters, Denver, Colorado.  This was accomplished through several hours of initial training.  The Ravines counseling staff continues to have support and on-going training from Quiet Waters as needed.


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    Ravines Staff



  • Ravines Entrance
  • Secluded Grounds for Privacy
  • Cabin Feel with Modern Amenities
  • Area for Couples to Relax
  • Professional Decorated Private Rooms
  • Private Marriage Retreat


“...He Makes Springs Pour Waters Into the Ravines”Psalm 104:10

Goals of The Ravine’s Ministry


“God intervened in our marriage through the Ravines in a huge way and opened our eyes to a whole new way of relating to each other. For the first time in years we were on the same page.”-Past Ravines Client

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