Your Thanksgiving List

When we list what we are most thankful for, those lists usually don’t include our “stuff.” While we like our stuff (and some of us have pretty cool stuff), it usually doesn’t make the list. For when we see through the clutter in our lives (stuff, schedules, work and school) only relationships survive on the list. But is that how we really live out our lives?

In a recent conversation with someone who just came through a health crisis, we talked about being reminded of what is most important.

Our relationship with Jesus topped the list, the One who died in our place so we can experience life abundant and forever.

And then we talked about our inner circle relationships of family and friends. Those people, those God-given gifts, bring great meaning and purpose to our lives.

For many of us, our marriage represents that most important earthly relationship. At The Ravines, every day we hear heartbreaking stories of people getting priorities mixed up. They call because they need help to put their marriages back on track. We are thankful to be part of a ministry which is being used by God to bring hope to people who felt their marriage was “beyond hope.”

Here are a few recent stories which are high on our “thankful list” . . .

For a marriage on life support, we received the needed medicine and soul surgery to not only survive but to leave much healthier than we arrived. Hope has been restored! Nov 2017

Our whole marriage (25-plus years) has been rocky. There were three different times where we separated. Just six months ago, my husband told me it would be a miracle if he was ever to return home to me and our children.  

A miracle is in the works! Praise God for the ministry of The Ravines. We now have the hope, resources, healing and a plan to move forward.  Nov 2017

We have one host couple who has served about 50 days in 2017. Our volunteers are amazing people who are passionate about what God is doing through The Ravines. We are thankful for each one.

As you make your Thanksgiving list, whether in writing or in your head, please stop and be thankful for the healthy marriages in your family. No matter what your past story is, your marriage today is part of your legacy.

If The Ravines can serve you in any way, please contact us.