“What about the children?”


“How are your kids dealing with what’s going on in your home?” is a question we often ask couples considering The Ravines. Some call us as they are trying to decide if they want to stay in their marriage. “Have you thought about how this decision will affect your kids?”

In 2017, we know 193 children were impacted when their parents made the courageous decision to come to The Ravines for help. One Dad said, “I knew it would help our marriage, but I was surprised at the difference it made in our children.”

Many of our couples come from families where divorce is commonplace. Others are the first in their family to be considering ending their marriage. In cases where children are involved, the impact on them is worth considering. Can this marriage come to a place of healing? Can these parents co-parent in a healthy way? How can these children thrive?

Let’s be fair, there are many divorced couples who decide to put the needs of their children first and they navigate the co-parenting waters well. But this is not always the case.

We exist to help marriages recover and grow. We create a place, an environment and professional help. But God does the work of restoration.

How thankful we are that most of the children touched by The Ravines in 2017 now have a new opportunity to grow up in a healthy setting, with parents modeling marriages that can be replicated into the next generation.

This story says it all . . . “Our marriage has been very bumpy for most of our 20-plus years. We separated three times and were on the verge of divorce. We knew it would take a miracle for my husband, myself and our five children to be back together.

“Praise God, a miracle is in the works! Praise God for the ministry of The Ravines. We now have hope, resources and a plan to continue forward.”