Ripples of pain. Ripples of hope.

Hope for Troubled Marriages

When a marriage breaks up, the ripples of pain seem endless. Beyond the couple, their children, extended families and circle of friends grapple with changes in long-term relationships.

Our office gets phone calls almost every day from people in deep pain. They are struggling with addiction, infidelity, verbal and emotional abuse – from themselves, their spouse, or both.

When a marriage finds healing, the ripples flow in a new direction. The kids have a new model of marriage to watch. The extended family finds new levels of healing. Their friends learn there can be hope in even the most difficult of situations.

“Can we recover?”
That’s the most common question. “How can we find healing in the midst of this mess we’ve created?” “How can this ever be different?” “Wouldn’t it be easier/better to just give up and start over?”

The Ravines exists to help couples navigate through these questions. Dedication to Christ anchors everything we do. It’s not uncommon for couples to begin a relationship with Jesus during their time at The Ravines.

A recent couple came to us with multiple issues. When she arrived, the wife confided, “This is our last hope. There’s nothing more.” Before the weekend was over, both individuals surrendered their lives and their marriage to God. In the husband’s words, “We hit a ravine!”

“It put us back on the path of love,” said the wife.

This couple has adult children who now have a new model, a new vision of what a marriage can be. We are so thankful God is choosing to use The Ravines in this way.

Exceptional counseling staff
A January couple told us they had been to many counselors over the years, “but this was the best counseling we have ever experienced.” This is a common sentiment.

We’re so thankful for our team of seasoned professional counselors who invest their time and expertise guiding couples through rough waters. They are highly respected in their field, they continue to further their training and they are passionate about their faith and God’s view of marriage.

As they prepare for each session at The Ravines, they plan their counseling in response to the unique needs of each couple. There is not a cookie-cutter plan.

How can you help?
• If you know of a troubled marriage, encourage them to call for a confidential consultation. We are here to help. We serve people from all walks of life and from all across the country.

• If you are in Northwest Indiana, consider joining us for our annual celebration dinner on April 12. Please call our office to reserve your spot. 219.864.5063

• If you would like to join our Facebook prayer team, let us know.

• If you are not local and would like to support this ministry financially, please do so on our secure website:

For your prayers, gifts and service, we are grateful.