God places people in our lives for a reason

From the outside Joe and Cindy looked like the perfect couple – involved in church and ministry, a happy family from all appearances. But inside the walls of their home things didn’t look so perfect. Once they were home, all communication ceased. Their relationship was almost non-existent. But they had learned to put on a good face in public.

Joe and Cindy couldn’t find their way out of the mess they had created. Someone suggested a trip to The Ravines. Through God’s grace and a gifted counselor, Joe and Cindy worked hard to put their marriage back on track. Now the view from the outside and the inside are closer to reality. Their kids see a difference and their co-workers have noticed, too.

Fast-forward a couple of years, Sean, a co-worker, talked to Joe about his own crumbling marriage. “The Ravines” is Joe’s answer as he shares what God did while they were at The Ravines.

Joe’s recommendation was enough for Sean. He took Joe’s advice and called The Ravines. We will see what God does in his life, marriage and family.

Tom and Marie came to The Ravines a few years ago when their marriage was in jeopardy. After an affair, they were unsure if reconciliation was possible. Through lots of hard work, forgiveness and prayer, God set their relationship in a new and healthier direction. Now Tom and Marie have friends who are struggling and unsure of how to move past years of hurt and distrust. Tom suggested The Ravines and offered financial help. He and Marie are serving as a mentor couple to their friends.

Maybe you have heard ads for The Ravines on Shine.FM radio stations in Kankakee (IL), Lansing (MI) and Indianapolis. Many of our couples come from those areas. But several couples are calling because of the recommendations of friends who have been to The Ravines themselves. That is our strongest calling card – the real life examples of God’s work in lives and marriages.

Maybe you have been at The Ravines in the past and you have firsthand experience of God’s work in your lives. Or maybe you have been a volunteer or a financial partner with The Ravines. Whatever your involvement, you see what God is doing. And it is no accident when God brings friends with marriage issues into your life. They are coming to you because you have access to help – you have heard the stories of God’s miracles in saving marriages.

(names have been changed)