We believe that The Ravines is a place where restoration can begin.  We also believe that the church can offer the care and encouragement that a couple will need during and following their time at The Ravines. When a couple desires to attend the Ravines, we encourage them to go through the following steps for financial payment:

  1. Client Commitment: a couple prayerfully considers how they can personally pay for their Couples Counseling Intensive.  For most couples, they will make every effort to cover the entire amount personally.  Payment plans can also be considered for couples with approval of the Executive Director of the Ravines.
  1. Friends and Family Commitment: a couple that may need help in covering their financial needs is encouraged to seek support from their family and friends.  Many couples have found this support to be more than just financial.  Client couples are also blessed by the prayer support they receive from their friends and family while they are attending The Ravines.   1 Timothy 5:8
  1. Church Commitment: a couple is encouraged to seek support from their home church.  As part of the application process, we ask our clients to obtain a reference from their pastor, elder, or church leader.  On the reference form, there is an option for the pastor/elder or church leader to indicate whether or not financial assistance can be given by the church. The Ravines has found that most churches are very open to partnering with the couple and The Ravines to help bring healing and restoration to their marriage.
  1. Ravines Financial Assistance: once a couple has completed steps 1-3 and has found that there is still a financial need, a request can be made to the Ravines for financial/scholarship support.

Our prayer is that through this process, we can remove as many hurdles in a couple’s life that might be preventing them from getting the help that they so desperately need.  And most of all, we believe that God can bring life-changing transformation in marriages, all to His glory and honor.

Should a couple request financial support from The Ravines in order to attend a Couples Counseling Intensive, the following form should be completed and returned to The Executive Director of The Ravines. The information contained in this application will be kept confidential between the Executive Director of The Ravines and the couple.

Application for Financial Scholarship