“What about the children?”

  “How are your kids dealing with what’s going on in your home?” is a question we often ask couples considering The Ravines. Some call us as they are trying to decide if they want to stay in their marriage. “Have you thought about how this decision will affect your kids?” In 2017, we know… Read more »

Merry Christmas from The Ravines

Gifts wrapped. Cards in the mail. House decorated. Schedule planned. Check! We trust you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas season, celebrating the birth of our King, Savior Jesus. When my children were young, I worked tirelessly to set the stage for a “Norman Rockwell Christmas.” I wanted our four to have wonderful… Read more »

Your Thanksgiving List

When we list what we are most thankful for, those lists usually don’t include our “stuff.” While we like our stuff (and some of us have pretty cool stuff), it usually doesn’t make the list. For when we see through the clutter in our lives (stuff, schedules, work and school) only relationships survive on the… Read more »

“We get to see miracles!”

Henry and Ann have been hosting at The Ravines since 2009. They estimate they’ve hosted at least 40 times. That’s a huge time commitment. I asked “why?” “We had rough times in our own marriage,” says Ann. “We wish we would have had access to this kind of resource 30 years ago.” They’ve seen amazing… Read more »