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God places people in our lives for a reason

From the outside Joe and Cindy looked like the perfect couple – involved in church and ministry, a happy family from all appearances. But inside the walls of their home things didn’t look so perfect. Once they were home, all … Read the rest

Afraid to go home!

A couple who recently came to The Ravines expressed, “We’re afraid to go home!”

We get that! The Ravines intentionally provides time away from the day-to-day stressors. No kids, work and minimal electronics. In addition to proven Christian counseling, we … Read the rest

Is anyone listening?


We live in a world which is fast-paced and loud. We have TV, social media, work, kids – we receive more messages in an hour than we can begin to process.

When was the last time you sat face … Read the rest

Ripples of pain. Ripples of hope.

Hope for Troubled Marriages

When a marriage breaks up, the ripples of pain seem endless. Beyond the couple, their children, extended families and circle of friends grapple with changes in long-term relationships.

Our office gets phone calls almost every day … Read the rest

“What about the children?”


“How are your kids dealing with what’s going on in your home?” is a question we often ask couples considering The Ravines. Some call us as they are trying to decide if they want to stay in their marriage. … Read the rest