Marriage Restoration

What is a Marital Crisis?

Marriages in crisis are typically due to large amounts of stress or conflicts left unresolved, leaving a couple feeling hopeless. This lack of resolution can often leave a person with feelings of anger, guilt, depression, resentment, dissatisfaction, doubt, or frustration. Soon a couple dealing with issues such as these come to a point where they just can’t take it any longer. A marriage crisis is usually defined when one or both partners see ending the marriage as their only option.

What we provide

The Ravines provides the time and place needed to turn your marriage around.  Find out more about our program

Take the first step to the healing process.   Find out more about your first step

The Ravines also provides post intensive steps to help you after leaving your retreat.  Continuing the journey

Confident Results

Even when everything feels hopeless, relationships can find a new course through intensive counseling. To date, an overwhelming majority of the couples who have completed the retreat weekend are still married and finding new hope and healing thanks to what God was able to do through the Ravines private, cost-effective and time-efficient program. Just a few crucial insights and tools can dramatically change the direction your marriage is headed. Couples have been able to see their marriages head in a whole new direction. Even though it’s hard to imagine today, others have found success and so can you!

Ministry Description

The Ravines is a Christian ministry whose focus is the restoration, healing and strengthening of the marriages of Christian couples. We believe the term “marriage” has only one meaning: the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive union, as delineated in Scripture (Genesis 2:18-25). We believe marriages can be healed, whether in immediate crisis or in need of spiritual or emotional strengthening. It is our Ministry’s desire to see all Christian couples find renewal in their marriage through the power of Christ.

Vision, Mission & Core Values


Bringing hope, healing, strengthening and renewal to Christian couples and their marriages.


The Ravines exists as a safe place where Christian couples can experience healing, strengthening and restoration of their marriage through Christ-centered intensive therapy.

Core Values

  1. Marriage is a gift from God between one man and one woman, and is instituted by God.
  2. Marriage is designed to be a lifetime covenant.
  3. Jesus is the healer of our lives and relationships.
  4. Jesus can offer hope and healing to all marriages.
  5. We believe in the power of prayer.
  6. We believe miracles do happen in marriage restoration.
  7. We believe marriage renewal must involve spiritual growth and renewal.
  8. We believe God hates divorce and that divorce is not His will for our lives.
  9. We believe with humility, Godly counseling and community accountability marriage can be restored and strengthened.
  10. We believe an intensive time focused on healing and strengthening can provide significant growth in any marriage.

Couples Counseling Intensives

A Couples Counseling Intensive is a multiple-day experience where couples in broken marriages can find hope, healing and restoration in their relationship. Couples are provided Christ-centered therapy in a private setting and are given the uninterrupted time needed to work through difficult and painful issues.

When couples come to The Ravines, they will spend their time working with their personal counselor in an environment free from the distractions of everyday life. Their intensive counseling time will be done in five three-hour sessions (totaling 15 hours). We offer a few different schedules, Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon and Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon. The afternoons and evenings provide opportunities for assignments and activities as directed by their counselor. A volunteer host couple stays at the home during this time and cares for the needs of each couple. Meals are provided (meals, coffee, snacks, etc.) and each couple has a private suite (bedroom, bath) and private living room/counseling room space.

The Ravines  can accommodate two client couples at a time and each couple meets with their own private counselor.  We do no group counseling – always one couple to one counselor.

“Our time at The Ravines was especially helpful because it was just about us, not a group setting.  I wanted intensive ‘us’ time.”

– a couple who came in August 2018

To find out more about Intensive Counseling including costs go to:  Intensive Counseling