The Ravines provides a customized program to turn your marriage around.

  • Complete intensive counseling during a 3-day extended weekend so you won’t need to interrupt your work schedule, or be away from your children very long
  • Compress 15 hours of weekly counseling into a single retreat so you can peel back superficial issues that may be covering up underlying problems
  • Retreat approach is free from usual time restraints associated with one-hour sessions
  • Exclusive one-couple only counseling removes the pressure and anxiety of opening up in front of a group
  • Remote retreat facility helps you focus on improving your relationship free from distractions, away from the demands of work and without affecting family life further
  • Retreat hosts act as a kind of concierge, taking care of life’s details such as 3 meals a day, and meeting your needs throughout the weekend
  • Christian counselors who specialize in exact areas that are hurting your marriage the most
  • Post-Intensive steps from The Ravines after your retreat
  • Teaches concrete, step-by-step skills to deal with conflicts with understanding

You may come to the Ravines feeling completely alone and hopeless, but the tools you receive will leave you with and a sense of hope for your marriage. The Ravines gives a firm foundation of hope and healing for each couple’s return home. The next time you are faced with a challenge, you will remember what you learned at the Ravines. Problems stop before they start because you are finally on the same page with your spouse.